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Leave a Legacy: Protect and Steward Kānewai and Kalauha‘iha‘i Springs as vibrant historical, cultural, and ecological resources for future generations

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When Hawai‘i’s last freshwater springs are filled, the fresh and saltwater connection critical to the life cycle of native species is pau. Kānewai Spring is a sacred place for the people of Hawai‘i. Because of the enormous importance to Hawai’i, our community worked hard to permanently protect this spring source. These are living waters. When the warm sea presses in, mullet and aholehole crowd the mākāhā (fish gate). A stone kū‘ula fishing shrine marks where fishermen of old gave their first catch.

These waters connect our past and future. Kalauha‘iha‘i was the summer resort of King Kamehameha I and Queen Ka‘ahumanu. In 1819, the Queen responded to a time of crisis by opening a new course for Hawaii. The spring name Kalauha‘iha‘i, arose after Kaahumanu broke the ancient ‘ai kapu system regulating the Island of Oahu. Today we again face challenging times. We have chosen a path to forever perpetuate the springs at Kānewai and Kalauha‘iha‘i. Your kōkua will help them both continue and thrive.